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I am soooooo frickin’ excited to finally launch the Jacked on the Beanstalk Podcast (something I’ve been dying to create for a long, LONG time!)

And assuming all goes as planned and I receive positive feedback on the podcast, I will incorporate all kinds of good shiz into future episodes such as interviews with some of my own personal heroes and mentors, juicy discussions on anything and everything from personal development and building confidence to of course, vegan health & fitness, the ups and downs of the fitness industry and sprinkle each and every episode with that good ol’ smart-assed and mildly inappropriate “I-have-no-filter” Shorkey charm. 😉

Why am I branching out into podcast land?

The short answer is that I am a trainer and vegan nutrition coach as most of you probably know.  And in my work, I kept noticing a lot of similar thought patterns in my clients and the same issues and struggles coming up over and over.  Things like poor body image, lack of motivation or fear and intimidation to hit the gym kept popping up.  Not to mention the major guilt and anxiety many of my clients were experiencing every time they fell off the wagon.

I found that I was spending A LOT of time answering emails and the insight I was providing really seemed to help in building their confidence and keep them motivated.  And at the same time, as cheesy as this sounds, it was enriching my own life as it forced me to really practice what I was preaching.

It felt awesome to not only provide my clients with a vegan meal plan and a workout program, but with a “joy and inner peace” plan (as I like to call it) too.

I also noticed that despite my big claim to “vegan fame” being that I’m the first-ever vegan World Naturals “bikini pro,” my most popular blog posts were never actually my recipes or workouts. They were the real and raw posts about my random life experiences.

Women from all over the world seemed to really resonate with the posts where I exposed my personal struggles, insecurities and even my dating life.  And it showed me that vegan or not, health freak or not, we’re ALL struggling with the same shit. And we’re all just going about our lives, trying to be happy, trying to feel secure with ourselves, and wanting to share that human connection.

So in an attempt to better serve not only my clients, but also myself and anyone else who wanted to listen to my vegan hippie meathead ramblings, I decided to create “Jacked on the Beanstalk: The Podcast.

I’m beyond thrilled to be co-hosting the podcast with my little, big sister Sarah and to have our good friend Erin Flynn producing it.  Not only does Erin have a degree in Radio Broadcasting but she’s been working in independent radio since 1996 AND is the Station Manager at Ottawa University’s CHUO Radio (giving us access to a top notch recording space.)

But enough gloat writing!  Time for you to hear my high-pitched Canadian voice blabber on and on about random topics of my choosing. 😉

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Welcome to the Jacked on the Beanstalk podcast hosted by the always smart-assed and brutally honest Shorkey sisters. Reppin’ the vegan hippie meatheads of the world is Sam: two-time winning fitness champion, certified personal trainer, the first-ever VEGAN World Naturals bikini pro, author of “Jacked on the Beanstalk: Plant-Based Fuel for Vegan Athletes” and has an ass that’s out of this world. Along for the ride is Sarah: her sister. A stay-at-home mom who drives a mini-van, makes a mean fudge brownie and her ass is, well, mediocre. Together, they’re on a mission to live with purpose and without regret. To unlock and share the mysteries of a healthy mind, body and spirit. To boldly go where two very different but genetically similar minds probably shouldn’t go. So grab a seat in the back of Sarah’s mini-van and come along for the ride.