diet friendly high protein vegan mayo2

Diet-Friendly & High-Protein Vegan Mayo

Doesn’t this bowl of creamy white goodness look tasty? 😉 Well, what if I told you that it’s fat-free, carb-free, high-protein AND tastes just like the “real thing?” Like many vegans, I’ll never forget how excited I was to discover Vegenaise and have a vegan mayo option.  From that day forward, my veggie sandwiches and […]

broccoli olive salt savory craving buster

Broccoli to Kill a Salty Craving With

I actually posted this recipe on my instagram way back when but never made an official “blog post” for it ’cause I figured it was just too damn easy and looked so damn meh…. Which it totally is and does haha. But I keep finding myself whippin’ up this savory, diet-friendly broccoli recipe and every time […]

kid friendly vegan peanut butter bars1

Kid-Pleasing (and Diet-Friendly) Peanut Butter Bars

I LOVE making healthy treats and vegan meals for my loved ones.  As a vegan bodybuilder chick, I tend to eat pretty bland & boring foods when I’m just cookin’ for myself.  So whenever someone comes over to my bachelorette pad, I like to make something special.  Still healthy–and always vegan of course–but something that […]

Cajun Chickpea Fritters

Ella Magers’ Cajun Chickpea Fritters

I like to think I’m pretty active in the online vegan fitness community.  I’m by no means a regular contributor to the vegan facebook groups nor will you ever find me posting “Flex Friday” selfies on the regular.  But I do belong to most online vegan fitness groups and I definitely feel like I know […]

vegan training and nutrition

A Client’s “Progress Update” in Picture Form

Sometimes I feel like I never stop working.  When I’m not writing client plans, there’s always a blog post to write, emails to answer or new recipes to test.  And it can be super overwhelming at times!  But as someone once told me “an entrepreneur works 100 hours a week to avoid working 40 for […]

chickpea protein blondies

Chickpea Protein Blondies

I feel like I’m always promoting this “chickpea chocolate chip cookies” recipe to every person on Earth I meet who wants to eat better but has a brutal sweet tooth.  I feel as though it’s my duty to help them because I too, have a major addiction to anything sweet and sugary. Sugar cravings are […]

spicy tofu jerky

Sam Shorkey’s Spicy Tofu Jerky

I just spent a good five minutes coming up with a way to make “Shorkey” and “Jerky” flow together nicely.  And yes, “Shorkey’s Spicy Tofu Jerky” was the best I had… ANYWAY, speaking of “best I had,” I am soooooooo stoked on this tofu jerky recipe! As some of you may know, I recently attempted […]


Why Are So Many Vegans Skinny Fat?

It’s about time I get around to writing this post!  Why?  Because FAR too often I hear from plant-based brethren seeking nutrition advice to help combat their “skinny fat” vegan woes. Yes, being skinny fat is apparently a cross that many vegans have to bear.  The good news is that I know why.  And in […]

jasper the deer

My Mom and Hero: Nora Shorkey on Hunting Season

Today I’m both honoured and inspired to share a few words that my biggest hero wrote exactly one year ago today.  As much as I love fall and of course, Halloween, I always dread November because I know it means that hunting season begins and so many of the forest friends that live on my […]

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