expectation hangover episode 34 jacked on the beanstalk podcast

Podcast #34: How to Treat an “Expectation Hangover”

WE ARE BACK, BABY! Yes folks, after a solid TWO MONTH podcasting hiatus, the Shorkey sisters are b-b-b-BACK, baby! And yup, we’re sharing WHY the two-month radio silence on this first episode back.  And yes, it sure is another random episode but classic Shorkey style and one I hope you’ll enjoy. 🙂 In addition to […]

Podcast #31: Using Colour Therapy to Improve Your Life

Let’s face it– a little colour in our lives can actually be quite beneficial to our health and overall well-being. And yes, I spell it “colour” not “color.”  I’m Canadian, eh?  Red and white REPRESENT! Think about it though.  As babies, we experience colour in our mother’s womb before anything else.  And so, it only […]

Michael Hutter EC3 Pro Wrestler on Jacked on the Beanstalk - Vegan Podcast

Why You Should NEVER Lower Your Standards + Podcast #25: Interview with Pro Wrestler EC3

Imagine you’re walking into the gym just like any regular, Tuesday morning.  You’re ready to train your regular 9:30 AM client.  Except this Tuesday is a special one. This Tuesday, as you walk into the gym and bark out “gimmee some squat jumps, Claude,” your eyes immediately fixate on the perfectly-sculpted, wild stallion pictured above. Yes, […]

vegan fart podcast jacked on the beanstalk love is like a fart quote

Podcast #22: All Aboard the Vegan Fart Train!

Toot Toot! All Aboard the Vegan Fart Train! That’s right, folks! We’re talking all about FARTS on the podcast this week. Do we have any formal, medical expertise on the subject whatsoever?  Hell no.  But we are vegan!  And we sure do eat a lot of fibery, plant-based, farty goodness.  So I like to think […]

eating to build muscle and lose fat vegan podcast

Podcast #20: Eating to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

I’ve come to realize that the more podcast episodes we record, the more I notice just how frigging difficult it is to stay on ONE topic (especially when we’re covering such broad topics as gaining muscle and losing fat.) Despite being fully aware that I always go off-topic (and trying to be mindful of it,) […]

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