Michael Hutter EC3 Pro Wrestler on Jacked on the Beanstalk - Vegan Podcast

Why You Should NEVER Lower Your Standards + Podcast #25: Interview with Pro Wrestler EC3

Imagine you’re walking into the gym just like any regular, Tuesday morning.  You’re ready to train your regular 9:30 AM client.  Except this Tuesday is a special one. This Tuesday, as you walk into the gym and bark out “gimmee some squat jumps, Claude,” your eyes immediately fixate on the perfectly-sculpted, wild stallion pictured above. Yes, […]

sam shorkey christmas vegan bodybuilder wish list

My Top 5 Meatless Meathead Holiday “Wish List” Gift Ideas

Ah, the holidays. December is definitely cold as FRAWK here in Ottawa, Canada, eh?  But I really can’t imagine being anywhere else this time of year than inside my parents’ overly-decorated log home, surrounded by Mom’s gluten-filled treats and my loud, piss and vinegar-filled family. And it just wouldn’t be Christmas without us listening to […]

vegan breakup compassion is a relationship killer

Is Compassion a Relationship Killer?

Well here I am, once again, airing my dirty “dating” laundry over the internet.  Tears are literally streaming down my face as I type this.  My breath is short and fast yet heavy and winded all at once. I’ve just ended a relationship due to my veganism. My heart hurts.  This was a guy who I’ve known since […]

From Meat Eater to Vegan: How a Woman Beat 435,000 Entrants and Won BodyBuilding.com’s 2015 $200,000 Transformation Challenge Following a Plant-Based Diet

The Inside Scoop on how my Vegan Client Beat 435,000 Contestants and Won BodyBuilding.com’s $200,000 Transformation Challenge

With the new year upon us and everyone embracing a “new year, new me” mentality, I thought it perfect timing to share one of my favourite client success stories and more importantly, dish out my biggest and best-kept vegan coaching secrets as to how exactly I helped one of my clients go from meat eater to […]

natural period product review sam shorkey lunette menstrual cup review

My Vegan Hippie “Natural Period Products” Review

CHEERS TO BLEEDING HEARTS (AND CROTCHES!) Allow me to begin this post by stating that I’m a pretty solid vegan.  I do my best to make conscious decisions that do not contribute to the exploitation, death and suffering of our animal friends.  But I sheepishly admit (no pun intended) that despite going vegetarian at eight years […]

samantha shorkey meat free athlete vegan gym clothes

The Unhealthy Pursuit of Perfection

It’s a gorgeous September day out here in the Ottawa Valley. I’m currently house sitting for my parents, passing the time (and maintaining sanity no thanks to a shitty internet connection) in their tin roofed gazebo. Nestled away here in the forest, surrounded by the peacefulness of the trees and chatter of the wildlife that inhabit it, […]

blueberries fight depression

Depressed in the Summer? Eat More Blueberries!

Rockabilly Eddie Cochran wasn’t kidding. “Summertime Blues” is very much a real issue for many peeps despite the warm weather, sun shining and thriving flora all around us. That being said, when Eddie proclaimed “there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues” back in 1958, he obviously didn’t know about the mood-boosting benefits of blueberries.  And helloooo!  Added […]

young samantha shorkey and sister sarah shorkey

The Lowly Vegetarian – Happy Birthday, Coach Shorkey!

Mama and Papa Shorkey welcomed their fourth (and final) addition to the Shorkey troupe on July 15, 19-eighty-    …COUGH COUGH, CHOKE, CHOKE, ahem ahem. I already had two brothers so the news of a baby sister was pretty awesome. I envisioned a little playmate (and slave) for all my girly games.  I didn’t think about […]

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