The Smell of Defeat is Pungent (or is that my B.O.?)

Alright kids, I’m back!  And sorry to those who’ve sent me messages and I’ve yet to respond. On Saturday June 28th, 2014, I competed in the BC Bodybuilding Provincial Championships– the very place where I was fast kicked off my supreme vegan high horse and mildly devastated after receiving not second but third call outs.  […]

Thanks for Diggin’ Me

I should be sleeping right now.  I literally had three hours of sleep last night, frantically trying to finish my PowerPoint presentation for Veg Expo.  And now here I am, post-event at 11pm and I’m just filled with such warm, fuzzy feelings.  I had to write a post and share my thoughts! Today was Vancouver’s […]

Mating Tips from the Animal Kingdom

Today I thought I’d share a fun fact about me that has absolutely nothing to do with vegan bodybuilding whatsoever! 🙂 Does anyone want to know random facts about me that don’t teach them anything about vegan health & fitness?  Perhaps not.  But this is my blog and I’m sharing it anyway! Before I became […]

My Top 10 Tips for Vegan Bodybuilders

I love how often people are intrigued by the fact that I’m pretty jacked and all VEGAN!  Meat eaters are always asking me what the hell do I eat and other vegans always want to know how I’m able to get so shredded and lean on a completely plant-based diet. Well, here’s a little “top […]

Weight Gain, Depression & All ‘Round Hog Fests: How to NOT Put on 30 lbs. Post Competition

It’s funny how literally EVERY article you find online about “proper” post competition practices all tout the same advice.  They say don’t go hog wild the second you step off that stage, slowly re-introduce the foods you’ve avoided for so long.  Don’t stop working out.  Get right back on the treadmill the very next day.  […]

How to Curb Cravings whilst Dieting

Well I’m now just a few weeks away from my next bikini competition.  Goodbye delicious vegan desserts, bourbon on the rocks and social life. Hello treadmill, piles of sweaty gym clothes strewn across my apartment floor and hair that never leaves a damp ponytail atop my head. For me (and most people) the toughest part […]


OATS Oats are an excellent breakfast choice because of their high amount of complex carbs which provide sustained energy.  Oats are between 10% – 15% protein and provide a good source of fiber as well as a mixture of B Vitamins. It’s a good idea for active vegans to supplement with a B complex vitamin […]

Healthy Gingerbread Cookies with Almonds & Apricots

I love anything sweet and this one was a real treat thanks to the slivered almonds and Turkish apricots. ‘Twas home-baked perfection on a chilly autumn night… especially with a mug of hot Canadian maple tea. Ingredients: 1/4 cup coconut oil 1/3 cup Gingerbread Monkey Butter brand peanut butter (plain natural PB would suffice) 2/3 […]

Salsa-Inspired (no fat, no salt) Tofu!

Well folks, I have perfected yet another delicious protein source for my competition dieting as a vegan bikini competitor.  It’s no surprise how much I love Mexican food.  And well, since I can’t hog out on chips & salsa these days, I can definitely salsa-up the copious amounts of tofu I’m eating.  This recipe is […]


With the glutinous holiday season in full effect and a billion Christmas parties to attend, it isn’t always easy to find time for the gym.  So for those of us who can only dedicate two or three days per week to working out, I (Samantha Shorkey) recommend breaking up those workouts into upper body and […]


Of course we ALL want and strive to create a nice, tight ass but hate to say that a perfectly-sculpted arse takes work!!  I can, however, truthfully state that a great way to develop a fabulous vegan rump roast (I’m talkin’ Field Roast quality) AND increase athletic performance without the use of any gym equipment is through […]


Abs…  So hard to get ‘em and so easy to lose ‘em.  I love how people think a washboard stomach can so easily be obtained from 100 crunches every night.  If you haven’t heard countless fitness pros say it a million times, here’s once more: ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN.  Or here’s an even […]


Here is another killer at-home style workout that doesn’t require anything except your fine self and an exercise ball!  I originally created this program for my dearest mommy to help get her swimsuit-ready for our family trip to Cuba last year.  It really targets the core, glutes and legs.  Do four sets of 15 reps for […]

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