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The Unhealthy Pursuit of Perfection

It’s a gorgeous September day out here in the Ottawa Valley. I’m currently house sitting for my parents, passing the time (and maintaining sanity no thanks to a shitty internet connection) in their tin roofed gazebo. Nestled away here in the forest, surrounded by the peacefulness of the trees and chatter of the wildlife that inhabit it, […]

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Another Fant-ASS-tic Workout with Vegan Trainer Victor Rivera

One of the coolest things about being a vegan trainer and having my own vegan fitness blog is that I’m always getting to inter-meet like-minded peeps in the vegan and fitness communities.  I absolutely LOVE receiving messages from my vegan brethren, hearing their stories and sharing thoughts and ideas with them on everything from workouts […]

Team Douchebag

Top 10 Biggest Gym Pet Peeves

Like every social situation in life, there will always be people at the gym who annoy the hell out of us.  It is, after all, its own little society.  No longer a place filled only with “fat jacked” meat heads and cardio bunnies, the weight room has fast become a go-to sanctuary for everyone from […]

Top 5 Dirtiest Looking Exercises at the Gym

The Top 5 Dirtiest Looking Exercises at the Gym

Well it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I can honestly say that this has been my best competition prep yet!  I’ve been KILLING IT in the off-season and I’m proud to report that my ass has grown to monstrous, muscular proportions. Yes, bikini division (as we know) is ALL about the ass.  And yes, I quite […]

The Ultimate Vegan Fitness eBook Bundle

The Ultimate Vegan Health & Fitness eBook Bundle

As my ghetto, homemade image above states, it’s Black Friday and even though we don’t really celebrate this day in Canada like they do in the States, I’m pretty stoked to share a cool, new project with you!  One that’s unlike anything ever done in the vegan community before! Last month, Matt Frazier from No […]

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The Ultimate Walnut Crushing Glutes Workout

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my favourite workouts, hasn’t it?  And well, a recent discussion in the “Vegan Ladies Who Lift” facebook group prompted me to share a seriously KILLER ass workout that will be felt the next day fo’ sho’! I often joke about crushing walnuts between my cheeks.  Surprisingly […]

Samantha Shorkey and James Pachedo: the vegan and the cowboy

The Vegan and the Cowboy?

My blog traffic reports sure do fascinate me!  I’m always so incredibly touched and flattered to see that my most popular posts are always the ones I just randomly write– nothing of particular value or knowledge necessarily– just my totally random (sometimes weird or crude) thoughts and experiences. It’s funny too, because I often question […]

Dialed Right In: Texas, Here We Come!

You ever hear bodybuilders use the term “dialed in?”  I can best describe what that means as, when “peak week” rolls around, right before a competition, you’re either “dialed in” or you’re not. You either feel ready or you don’t.  And holy crap– when I compare how I feel right now at four days out […]

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