expectation hangover episode 34 jacked on the beanstalk podcast

Podcast #34: How to Treat an “Expectation Hangover”

WE ARE BACK, BABY! Yes folks, after a solid TWO MONTH podcasting hiatus, the Shorkey sisters are b-b-b-BACK, baby! And yup, we’re sharing WHY the two-month radio silence on this first episode back.  And yes, it sure is another random episode but classic Shorkey style and one I hope you’ll enjoy. 🙂 In addition to […]

creamy cauliflower vegan alfredo sauce

Chef Amy’s Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

Remember our pal Amy Longard?  That tall, feisty, ball-breakin’, vegan babe who also happens to be a holistic nutritionist AND vegan chef extraordinaire? Well, we recently had her on the podcast discussing all things VEGAN MEAL PREP! And if you haven’t yet heard our “Mastering Meal Prep” episode, you best go listen now! For everyone […]

faux egg salad for vegan bodybuilders and dieters

Perfectly Prep-Friendly Faux Egg Salad

Allow me to just begin this recipe post by stating that a) I frickin’ LOVE when my clients submit recipes that are based around the macros and food options I’ve provided on their vegan meal plans.  And b) despite the fact that my “faux egg salad” creation isn’t exactly the most delicious-looking dish, let us […]

purely inspired gingerbread vegan protein balls3

Deck the Halls with Gingerbread Protein Balls!

Damn right, we’re decking the halls with protein balls! And yes, they do look more like reindeer turds than what you’d find in a typical holiday baking spread… But they taste amazing and they’re a helluva lot healthier than your Grandma’s shortbread! Any-ho-ho-ho, my clients often ask me how they can stay on track over […]

Michael Hutter EC3 Pro Wrestler on Jacked on the Beanstalk - Vegan Podcast

Why You Should NEVER Lower Your Standards + Podcast #25: Interview with Pro Wrestler EC3

Imagine you’re walking into the gym just like any regular, Tuesday morning.  You’re ready to train your regular 9:30 AM client.  Except this Tuesday is a special one. This Tuesday, as you walk into the gym and bark out “gimmee some squat jumps, Claude,” your eyes immediately fixate on the perfectly-sculpted, wild stallion pictured above. Yes, […]

sam shorkey christmas vegan bodybuilder wish list

My Top 5 Meatless Meathead Holiday “Wish List” Gift Ideas

Ah, the holidays. December is definitely cold as FRAWK here in Ottawa, Canada, eh?  But I really can’t imagine being anywhere else this time of year than inside my parents’ overly-decorated log home, surrounded by Mom’s gluten-filled treats and my loud, piss and vinegar-filled family. And it just wouldn’t be Christmas without us listening to […]

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